Digital is the ultimate game changer in terms of how we think about Australia's future prosperity. The challenge for us, as citizens, influencers, business and government leaders, is to recognise the innovation opportunity and act now.

We know digital is important...

...and the benefits could be significant

PwC Australia, 'Expanding Australia's Economy: how digital can drive the change', April 2014

We can learn from others


Building on a long history of innovation, Sweden has a deliberate strategy to be an innovation-led economy underpinned by R&D and Education


Despite many social and economic similarities to Australia, Canada's venture capital market is nearly four times larger on a per capita basis with a thriving ecosystem


At our doorstep, Singapore is establishing itself as the Asian innovation destination of choice with a clear focus on STEM education and investments in the next wave of digitisation

Our innovation journey is still in its infancy

Cornell University, INSEAD, and WIPO, GII source ‘The Global Innovation Index 2013: The Local Dynamics of Innovation’, Geneva, Ithaca, and Fontainebleau, 2013

Australian businesses must embrace digital...
or be disrupted

Time to impact:
2-4 years
4 years
PwC Analysis
PwC Analysis

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