Digital innovation will be the ultimate game-changer for Australia’s future prosperity. By capitalising on these opportunities, we will be able to super-charge the economy through new, world-leading sectors.

Be the creator of innovation opportunities

By using an outside-in approach, Government can find better solutions faster

Shore the skill base

We need to increase the collective capability of our people to remain globally competitive in the future whilst filling gaps along the way

Short term

Funding of applied
education programs to
fill the technical skills

Medium term

Identify enterprise
champions to bring
commercial acumen and
access to industry specific

Long term

Growing our STEM skills
base will require a
focused school
curriculum and
equipped educators

Incentivise innovation

Implement a tax framework that gives businesses the financial tools to innovate

Explore collaborative investment opportunities

Drive commercialisation of research

Assign KPI's to research
that goes beyond
just report creation

Create opportunities
for collaborative

Ensure researchers
share in the success of

Put digital and citizen first

Create a consistent digital experience across multiple departments to increase citizen engagement and utilisation of services

As a citizen, I want to...

Consolidate and digitise my important information

Find what I need
first time


“my interaction” channels

Find out more