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Deciding with data-driven innovation - DIW

Deciding with data: How data-driven innovation is fuelling Australia’s economic growth

Data-driven innovation is transforming Australia’s economy and society, and is emerging as an essential tool to improve our growth and prosperity.

In 2013, data-driven innovation added an estimated $67 billion
in new value to the Australian economy, or 4.4 percent of GDP. However Australia has substantial room to improve and left an estimated $48 billion on the table in potential value from data-driven innovation in 2013

Download our report ‘Deciding with data: How data-driven innovation is fuelling Australia’s economic growth’ to find out how you can make the most of data-driven innovation.

Expanding Australias Econ - DIW

Expanding Australia’s Economy:
How digital can drive the change

Australia needs to lift its game. We are lagging behind our global peers when it comes to digital innovation

Our economy has traditionally been based around physical industries such as manufacturing, construction, mining and agriculture. However, PwC research shows that an ecosystem based on innovation and digital technologies has the potential to increase Australia’s productivity and raise GDP by $37 billion in 2024.

In our report, ‘Expanding Australia’s economy: How digital is driving the change’, we examine the current state of the Australian economy, identify areas for potential growth and evaluate our international counterparts to understand how we can grow our nation through innovation and Digital Change.