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Australia has the potential to be an innovation leader, but so far is dragging behind global counterparts. Digital innovation is necessary to achieve future prosperity.

We asked John Allan, CEO of Sensis, Roger Seow, Head of Social Media and Integration at NAB and Tony Boyd, Chanticleer columnist for the AFR, for their thoughts on the impact on the economy, how businesses need to adapt and what trends they see as being critical.

John Allan, CEO, Sensis

John Allan discusses how organisations can adopt fast-moving innovative strategies, shares his view on design thinking and which digital trends are impacting Sensis the most.

Roger Seow, Head of Social Media and Digital Integration, NAB

Roger Seow discusses how customer service is changing in the digital age, the impact this is having on commerce and explains why businesses need to adjust their views towards social media beyond ‘just the conversation’. He also shares NAB’s approach to social media and digital innovation

Tony Boyd, Chanticleer Columnist, Australian Financial Review

Tony Boyd discussed how Digital Change and innovation is affecting the Australian economy, which industries have been most impacted and comments on how he’s seen businesses responding to this.